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'stator plate assemblys regulator cum rectifiers cdi'
We are the manufacturer of two and three wheeler products like stator plate assemblys Regulator cum Rectifiers CDI's pickup coils etc.
we are manufacturing the all two wheeler stator plate assemblys and source coils , lighting coils, Regulators and Rectifiers CDI and pickup coils for BAJAJ , TVS , HERO, HONDA , SUZUKI , YAMAHA, MAHINDRA, LML etc.,
we are manufacturer of stator plate assemblys source coils pickup coils regulator cum flashers cdi etc.,
We are the manufacturer of two wheeler spare parts like stator plate assembly , source coils regulator cum rectifier cdi etc. +
we are manufacturing all Indian make two wheeler Stator plate assembly's CDI'S Regulators , source coils and pickupcoils etc.Apart from that We make CDI IGNITION SYSTEM KIT FOR RX100, RX135, RXG, RD350 , JAWA YEZDI TWIN ETC.,